Sunday, September 21, 2014

My type of music

          I like a lot of different music. But not country. I hate country. Sorry please don't be offended. Pop and rap, that's what I mostly listen to. Artists like Cash Cash and Calvin Harris are good for pop music, and artists like Jeremih and Roscoe are good for rap too. I love Pandora. And Spotify. Like, who buys music anymore anyway..? I like to download onto my itunes from youtube... (shhhhh don't tell anybody!). If anybody is reading this... comment what your favorite song or artist is. I want to know what everyone likes! BTW, I want to try and post on this blog every day, if homework permits..... :/

The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen

     Many people have different opinions on movies they don't like. Well, I'm going to share mine! When the movie Marley and Me came out, I thought it was going to be one of those cute dog movies that have a happy ending, but I was wrong. First, there were so many sex scenes. I wouldn't have minded, but I first saw this movie in fifth grade, with my parents. This was definitely awkward. *SPOILER ALERT* At the end, I ended up bawling my eyes out because Marley dies. THIS WAS NOT OKAY TO DO THAT!!! During the movie, we all fall in love with him, and then they just kill him...?!?! I will never watch this movie again. Actually, I haven't watched it in six years, so I guess that's going pretty well. I won't recommend this movie to anyone, though. It's too sad for my taste.